2019 Fire and Safety Crew

TMS Fire and Safety crew

Hello Racing fans, today we are honoring, “Our People of the Week.” The Texas Motor Speedway Fire & Safety Crew. We would like to thank the following crew members for always being prepared to take care of our Racers, Crew members, Family and Fans.

Fire and safety

  • Shelby Blackwell
  • Jeff Franck
  • John Fitzgerald
  • Mike Tanner
  • Gerard Lodie

Speedway EMS

  • Matt Creason
  • Rick Hankins

Hot Pit

  • James Clair

Great Job Guys!

Thank you for always being there for Lone Star Legends & Bandos. We couldn’t race without you guys.

INEX series

Created in 1995, INEX originated to market, organize and sanction Legend Cars, Bandolero and Thunder Roadster for the USA, Canada and Europe.

Since that time INEX has expanded tremendously, working sanction races in Africa, Australia, Morocco and a great many other countries.

INEX is the third largest short track sanctioning body following closely to NASCAR Weekly Racing and International Motor Contest Association (IMCA) with approximately 3,500 people. INEX annually sanctions more than 2,500 races at more than 300 different racing facilities throughout the world. These facilities include:

INEX’s principal goals are to market uniform guidelines and safety criteria for the USLCI program. INEX officials gather and disseminate information regarding all sorts of USLCI vehicles, supervise and train all technical inspectors and assist and support all Legends, Bandolero and Thunder Roadsters race programs.

At the beginning of every year, INEX releases the INEX Rulebook which describes in detail all the guidelines and regulations of the USLCI spec cars. Utilizing the US Legend Cars website and other public media, INEX produces up to date tech bulletins as well as rule changes and safety notifications to all its competitors.

Since the Legends Cars inception, there were more than 60,000 sanctioned races. INEX sanctions races on both asphalt and dirt ovals as well as road courses.

INEX remains focused on the highest criteria of safety and cost-containment that the rules are interpreted and enforced while maintaining a great, family-oriented environment.